Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Bristol Fashion Week, 2014

 A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to have been invited to one of the South West's biggest       social events: Bristol Fashion Week. This year's show started with a stylish bang: power duo Mark  Heyes and Andrew Barton, who amped up the audience's tangible excitement with their fashion-focused banter. As well as the jokes, the pair dished out the detes of this season's trends from both designer and high street fashions: pastels will be everywhere, tribal is fun and nautical is always in but be sure to mix it up a little! There was a touching model makeover segment to the night's show, where a lucky member of the public with an inspirational story had been picked out for a makeover and got to strut her stuff down the runway. Lucky girl.
The show had some innovative moments of surprise. For example, the models didn't only catwalk down       the runway, but performed theme-friendly dance routines to fit a give context. Cue the Bollywood themed     lingerie and swimwear range from Anne Summers and the Sopranos themed Italian inspired looks from       John Lewis - my favourite look of the show.
Overall, it was a fabulous evening, which showed it's audience that fashion does not have to be stuffy and       elitist to make one feel special.

Monday, 14 April 2014


I've been fortunate enough to be a part of a few fashion shows, mostly as a 'model' - but at times as a runner or stylist backstage. Shows can be so much fun and the juxtaposition between the chaos of backstage drama and the cool, confident calm of the runway is always intriguing to me. As you know, I'm a huge fan of meeting industry people (or, as I like to branch them, artists) and fashion designers are probably my favourite kind to talk to. The process of garment making is a lengthy and stressful one, I know because I live with one! But it works, like jigsaw - you need many pieces to make the 'piece.'
Very crucially, there are the models. Who can forget them, since the level of their popularity often exceeds that of the creative minds who made them. If they're new to the scene, they're often a little shy. Yet as the evening wears on and the tangible adrenalin increases, they grow more and more excited- often wanting to go back on to the runway which was so recently abhorrent to them. Among the models are the divas, late-comers who look too fabulous to warrant complaint.
And the photographers, the lucky lads who suddenly have a lot of friends.
Oh, and there is always somebody's kid, an actual kid I tell you, who is helping the stylists or dishing out 'calm down' advice to the models and performers, or simply perfecting their strut with the help of the model who most reminds them of their nanny.
All this while the designers flit around making last-minute changes while pretending to be 'fixing' things. The truth is, they never stop.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Glamming Up...

...for no reason. Except a portfolio, of course.
Favourite gown. We all have one. This one just happens to be one that I 
can't afford - even if it was created by my own mother. Technically, it's a 
 two piece: with the gorgeous detailed corset complimenting the dark and 
dramatic skirt. Could I wear this for the ball? We'll just have to see. 

Friday, 28 March 2014

Fancy a bit of Charity?

 So it is a huge stereotype that girls get excited- too excited- about black tie events. Whether it's prom or a wedding dinner, we love to hit the boutiques for yet another 'one-off' dress.

I am doing nothing to lift that stereotype.
The traditional BGS' Summer ball will take place in nearly a month's time and I find myself one-of-dressless... With practically all of my girlfriends scurrying their beautifully manicured fingers around their respective keyboards, I found that I wanted to do something different this year. (Well, it is my senior year.)

So it was up to my pragmatic mother to sort me out. One (rarely) sunny afternoon we wondered down the Gloucester road and a gorgeous, simple, '90s style wedding dress caught my eye at the window of a charity shop - Marie Curie to be exact. How much was it? A cool £95. And before you go thinking I'm taking formal attire to a whole new level, the plan was to have it dyed a crushed pink by one of mum's textile peeps ;). Ninety five quid, I thought, Asos is looking good right about now.

Oh well, I did try. Thank goodness for mumsy and her little sewing skills - she promised to lend me something from her collection. Of course I will share, but all in due time! X

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Look du Jour

Dressed up in my Sunday best, I wore a Ralph Lauren dress with a BS8 vintage cardigan. The bag is from Paris, the sandals are from a charity shop. The purse, which is turning out to be one of my favourites, was a freebie giveaway from Tatler a few months ago. But, considering the price of that magazine, I'd say I as good as bought that adorable clutch! The blue and white striped belt was something I decided to add on last-minute, having previously found it in the back of my climb-in wardrobe.